The 2023 Ford Escape features a two-tiered grille that is both stylish and functional. The upper tier consists of two horizontal bars with an embossed "Ford" logo in between them, while the lower tier has four vertical bars designed to improve airflow and reduce drag. Both tiers are constructed out of high-grade aluminum alloy, giving them a modern look that is sure to turn heads. The headlamps feature LED technology for maximum visibility and energy efficiency. They are designed in such a way as to complement the overall aesthetic of the vehicle while providing ample lighting for nighttime driving. The tailgate on this model features an advanced power liftgate for easy access without having to open or close it manually. There is also a hands-free foot sensor to open and close your tailgate without using your hands. This model has 18-inch alloy wheels that provide superior grip and handling even in wet conditions. The wheels also have a unique aerodynamic design which helps reduce drag when driving at high speeds for improved fuel economy. Check it out at Korum Ford today.

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