How Brake Warning Signs Could Help You Avoid Accidents

Have you noticed any changes to your vehicle's ride or brake quality in the recent days or weeks? Our team at Korum Ford understands the importance of being able to quickly identify when the brakes in your car are about to fail. Doing so could allow you to get ahead of the trouble and get it repaired before trouble arises, so be sure to look out for these signs of potential trouble:

  • The brake pedal is now spongy and soft each time you push down.
  • The car suddenly jerks to one side when hitting the brakes at high speeds…
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How to Know When to Have Your Car Battery Serviced

No one in the Puyallup area enjoys finding that their car won't start in the morning. Our team at Korum Ford knows that feeling of dread well. If you are in the position to identify when the battery in your car is going to fail, then you are going to avoid those dangerous situations where you are stuck on the sides on a road with a car that cannot start. Here are some warning signs that your car battery could be needing some attention:

  • Each morning you try to start your vehicle and the car engine is cranking over…
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Know What Condition Your Brakes Are In

If you live in the Puyallup area, you will want to make sure that your brakes work well. You should have them checked periodically, and also know what the signs are that your brakes might be failing. Sometimes your brakes will make a grinding noise, and this should tell you that it is time to have them inspected.

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Take Control of the Road with the 2017 Ford F-150

It's no secret that the 2017 Ford F-150 is the latest iteration of America's best-selling pickup truck and we absolutely love it! However, we know that savvy drivers in the Puyallup, WA area need more than that to make a driving decision, so we have a video below that shows how it compares to the Toyota Tundra. With best-in-class payload capacity and best-in-class fuel efficiency when it's properly equipped, the F-150 leaves the Tundra choking on its dust. See it for yourself:


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It Pays to Plan for Traffic Accidents Beforehand

Drivers prepare to avoid crashes, but are often unprepared for when they do happen. In those moments after a crash, when your adrenaline is surging, it helps to have a plan.

Step 1: Figure out if anyone is hurt. Do not help someone who says they do not want help, or attempt to move someone who isn't moving on their own—you may be liable for any injuries you cause through…

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Create a Budget Before Deciding on What Ford to Buy

Should you buy an efficient Ford C-Max Hybrid for traversing the busy streets of Puyallup? Or is the initial cost too much, and you should choose a pre-owned Fiesta instead? What about the high-end trim level and package options?

Before you decide on what vehicle to invest in and how much to pay, take a few minutes to create a budget.

In an Auto Finance 101 video, Ford explains the basics of budgeting:

  1. Figure out how much income you make in a month
  2. Figure out how much you spend on things like rent, loans, food, and savings
  3. Subtract income from…
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The 2018 Ford Expedition Becomes More Truck-Like Than Ever

The Ford Expedition has always offered a pragmatic choice for drivers who need the passenger space of a minivan and the capability of a truck. As its name suggests, it's ideal for adventures off the beaten path—room enough to seat the whole family comfortably, and power to tow a camper or boat behind.

As it enters its fourth generation, this three-row SUV is getting even more truck-like prowess than ever…

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